Updated: 12 NOV 2020

173d Airborne Brigade Association

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2016 Ad Rates for Sky Soldier Magazine


                                                Per Issue                    Annual (4 issues)

Center 2-Pages                     $ 2,160.00                   $ 7,760.00

Back Cover                            $ 1,200.00                   $ 4,320.00

Inside Front Cover                $ 1,080.00                   $ 3,888.00

Inside Back Cover                $ 1,080.00                   $ 3,888.00

Page 3- Full Page                  $ 1,000.00                   $ 3,600.00

Full Page                                $    900.00                   $ 3,240.00

Half Page                               $    500.00                   $ 1,800.00

Quarter Page                         $    400.00                   $ 1,440.00

Eighth Page (business card) $  200.00                   $    720.00

Sixteenth Page                      $    100.00                   $    360.00

Advertising specifications are:

Full Page:      8.5W x 11H

Half Page:     8.5W x 5.5H

Quarter:        4.25W x 5.5H

Eighth:           4.25W x 2.25H (business card equivalent)

Sixteenth:     1.062W x 1.375H

Bleeds:           .125

When available, inside front cover (Left & Right) and inside back cover (Left & Right) (both full page only), Center pages (left & right), and Back cover (two-thirds page) are available at a 20 percent premium.

Call our Sky Soldier Assistant Treasurer Jerry Cooper at 918-348-1060 for availability.

Annual Rates reflect an average 10 percent discount over the Per Issue rates.

Advertising Image should be provided in print ready PDF format.

Submission deadline for each quarter is:

Spring edition           15 March

Summer edition        15 June

Fall edition                 15 September

Winter edition            15 December

Art work and content should be sent directly to our Sky Soldier Magazine Editor at skysoldiermagazine@gmail.com   with an information copy to our Association President Tommy MacMahon at president@skysoldier.net .  Invoicing will be done by our 173d Airborne Brigade Association Treasurer.

Please direct questions to 173d Airborne Brigade Association at Secretary@SkySoldier.net or by calling 207-323-4143.  Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Michael Cunningham


173d Airborne Brigade Association

Address: PO Box 09640, Columbus, OH 43209

Phone: +1 (614) 206-2919

Email: President@skysoldier.net 

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